Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Extraordinary Popular Delusions, and a Lampoon of Crowds

Pharyngula: Republicans, Shouldn't You Be A Teeny Bit Embarrassed About This?

'Twas God that created that [cancer]!
Better to leave it alone.

That [wart] is the Lord's creation;
that [growth], and that [kidney-stone].

That [horrible rash] is His work,
that [acne], that [oozing cyst].

That [suppurating carbuncle];
that [fibroid] the size of your fist.

Those [skin-tags grotesque] are precious;
that [raging boil on your bum];

Each [parasite]'s blessed by Jesus;
touch that [tapeworm], and you're scum!

(Words in square brackets might be replaced with "fetus", "child", "kid", "embryo", "zygotic mass", and so forth, but then it wouldn't rhyme, and it wouldn't be funny, either.)


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