Thursday, March 10, 2005

Faith Painting

Pharyngula: Townes and the Templeton Prize

Behold two wonders:

First, Creation in a box, prepared in seven days;
here's the paint-by-number world, with colour-code ablaze.
Here's a pasture ready-made, with quick-dry sheep bespilled;
here's a newborn cataract, fishily fulfilled.
Here's a woman rude-finagled from a broken bone
Here's a garden, sprung to life fifty years o'ergrown.

Next, a billion-year endeavour, in a rotten tree
Here, the swollen termite shelters, and the honeybee.
Here, the roots support an orchid, with one petal gone;
sap and stem and pedicel, lip and peleton.
Here is compost's culmination, every part alive;
Here, one life begets another; here, the orchids thrive.

For the mind incurious, the painted world will serve;
unimaginative souls get just what they deserve.


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