Monday, March 28, 2005

I Think My Brain Just Died A Little

Pharyngula: Just When You Think They Couldn't Possibly Get More Stupid, re: Wizbang Paul's Fascinating Use of Excel

This morning, my IQ was--I've forgot!, wait a minute, what?
Upon perusing Wizbang's party line,
I found I could no longer make a...rhyne.(1)
A greyish ooze went running down my neck:
My brain absconding, frightened by the wreck
Of logic, reason--ah, I cannot count!
My meter's shot; I've parched my wordy fount!
As I pen this line, the first has gone
From out my head; I'm left to ramble on
Without my usual dignity and grace:
"Oh, stuff it, Paul--the egg is on your face!"

(1) With apologies to Tom Lehrer, and his lively indictment of folk-songs.


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