Monday, March 28, 2005

I Think We've Been Ro(d)gered!

Re: the plague which has been brought upon us, here, here, and also here, and in various other places in duplicate.

We believe the author is Darryl Rodgers, recently banned from Pharyngula.

It seems we have acquired a fan,
A versifying also-ran
Whose wordy souffles fail to rise,
(Though, my, the man can sermonize!
His brimstone'd spoutings stung my eyes
And made my poor vibrissae rise
As though to face their God straightway
"Alack," they cried, "'tis Judgment Day!")
His rhymes were trite; his barbs were dull;
They rankled in my poet's skull,
An insult to Calliope,
Sweet muse of epic poetry!
He may be absolutely right(1),
But (Jesus wept!) he cannot write!

(1) Though we doubt it.


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