Monday, March 21, 2005

The March of the Myers Clan

Pharyngula: Surnames on the March

This is the march of the Myers clan, (boom, boom, boom)
Proud from the throat of each Myers man! (boom, boom, boom)
We rule the North, and the Southlands too; (boom, boom, boom)
We'll rule your lands, when we marry you! (BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM!)

Oh, the Myers clan! (BOOM!)
Oh, each Myers man! (BOOM!)
Oh, the Southlands, too! (BOOM!)
OH, we'll marry you! (BOOM-TSS!)

Here's a proposal, from Myers pen-- (boom, boom, boom)
From Myers cock, to prospective hen-- (boom, boom, boom)
From Myers knight to his dulcet dame: (boom, boom, boom)
I'll pick your flower if you'll pick my name! (BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM!)

Oh, from Myers pen! (BOOM!)
To prospective hen! (BOOM!)
To yon dulcet dame! (BOOM!)
Won't you take my name? (BOOM-TSS!)


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