Monday, March 07, 2005

Monaturring Lektcherers At Uny-Versity's 4 Horrywitz

Pharyngula: Academic Bill of Right Wing Rule

I went to the lecture, you know
(Horowitz told me to go)
I went with my pen, and my
pad and my tape, and I
sat near the front, so I'd
miss not a word, though I'd
no blessed clue what was said.

I heard the man mention
(with evil intention)
that monkeys and men were the
same thing, and we share the
shape of our hipbones, or
proneness to gallstones, or
number of eyes in our head.

Then, with a twinkle of glee,
"Got any questions?" said he.
They all raised their hands in a
Heil Hitler manner, and
then the professor, he
led the whole group in three
cheers for the black, white, and red.


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