Friday, March 04, 2005

Ode to Pharyngula

Pharyngula: About

Come hither; a ballad I'll sing-ula
Of a cell-cluster notably singular!
It's quite a remarkable thing-ula:
I speak, of course, of the Pharyngula!

It's like this: when you're just phylotypicous
When you're growing -erectus or -pithecus
With your Hox genes expressing forthwithicus
In pharyngeal arches magnificous--

Ah, come, sing the song of Pharyngula,
When you're neither a bird nor a bing-ula
When you're only a wee tissue ring-ula
Too tiny to bite, nor yet sting-ula--
Give voice to this ode to Pharyngula!


Anonymous peter ramus said...

Alack, alas, a lay to Ode to PharyngulaI admit to this fussy
yes, it's too hard to rhyme with,

But write what you will
for good or for ill,
decent scansion is horribly

(When engaged in the Muse's sweet
please defer to the rhyme scheme's own

(And write what you will
for good or for ill,
but avoid when you can

8:53 AM  
Blogger PhaWRONGula said...

We have a critic!
(Incisive, like the north wind;
And just as solid.)


12:44 PM  

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