Saturday, March 26, 2005

Oozers? Don't Mind if I Do!

Pharyngula: In Which I Lose Patience With These Drooling Gomers, re: Wizbang's latest(1).

Consider, if you will, a day in court;
A barrister relating to the judge
Particulars of some familiar tort,
Some fossil-bounden mammoth of a grudge,
With precedent perennial besteep'd,
Debated for appearance sake alone,
When, on the bench, a lunatic has leap'd,
Whose screeching drowns the soporific drone
Of ordinary courtroom goings-on:

When he cannot find a word
He makes one of his own; (Oozer! Oozer!)
When his ramblings get the bird,
He hurls jagged stones. (Take that!)

He dances, prances, mad-cavorts, laments, complains, and moans;
He threatens legal action as he breaks the judge's bones.
He twaddles on, but makes no sense, and in the end, becomes
A lawyers' luncheon laughingstock, louted over buns.

(1) Apparently, PhaWRONGula, too, makes Paul's official Oozers List. In an earlier diatribe, we formed the "B" in G-O-O-F-B-A-L-L. Honestly, Paul, we're insulted. We believe we constitute a WHOLE goofball, between the two of us.


Blogger ILoveGod said...

PZ lined up his great army against one,but still he was defeated and started to run. He fell on the ground for his entire army to see. They screamed in despair, Please GET UP PZ!

PZ's teeth were missing, the rest of his hair fell out. The army of one gave a victorious shot.

PZ thought he had lost to a man, but he was lost to begin with, he didn't know God's plan.

God loves PZ and all of his men, Jesus has already paid for their sin.

12:59 PM  

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