Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pharyngula Live

Pharyngula: A Curious Discovery

Roll up one, roll up all for the show!
(There's going to be bears in, you know.)
There'll be capers with clownfish
And red fish, and brown fish
And fish from deep down, fish that glow!

Come one, now, come all to the fair
(They say all the stars will be there.)
There'll be Ratty and Moly
By all that's unholy
And Badger, and weasels in pairs!

Don't tarry, don't straggle, don't lag
(I hear they've got goldfish in bags)
There's ponies for riding
And whack-a-moles hiding
And fishes with faces like hags.

Buzz in for Pharyngula Live
(And bring all the rest of the hive)
Come schools and come herds
We'll teach you the words
It's a magical sing-along jive!


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