Sunday, March 27, 2005

PhaWRONGula's Never Been Kissed

Pharyngula: Happy Easter

I tried to steal an Easter kiss from our Wizbang Paul,
Who ran away, protesting that I made his dermis crawl.
PZ fended off my pucker with his wedding band;
Phunicular was anti-kiss, and made a steadfast stand;
The upshot being that I didn't get a kiss at all.


Blogger ILoveGod said...

What can I do to help these poor souls?

They seem to believe in goblins and trolls,

PZ must stand for Perverted Zoologist

I don’t know why he insists he’s a Biologist.

They cannot see because they do not open their eyes

The miracle of creation they cannot realize

The power of Christ is much stronger you see

Than any so-called scientist who calls himself PZ

I will continue to pray that God will wake these slumbering souls

Who believe in the existence of goblins and trolls.

The battle was over before it began,

God defeated Satan; that was the plan

10:42 AM  

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