Monday, March 07, 2005

Probing the Past with one's Tongue (Filthy, Filthy)

Pharyngula: Homo Floresiensis's Brain: Igor Didn't Screw Up

Said the gypsy to the brainpan
"Let me tell your past.
Were you scholar; were you layman?
Was your knowledge vast?

"Did you walk with purpose holy?
Were you monk or priest?
Were you thin, or roly-poly?
Were you man or beast?

"Did you walk the sunny shore
Or shelter with a book,
Reading up on arcane lore
In some secret nook?

"Did you dress in rags or riches?
Was your fortune grand?
Did you live by digging ditches
In the hard-packed sand?"

Said the brainpan, in reply,
"Ha-ahh ga-ah unggg."
(The poet's trade is hard to ply
Without a working tongue.)


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