Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Tennessee Whatwalk?

Pharyngula: Genuine Controversies and the Distracting Nonsense of Creationism

(With sincere apologies to Jack Blanchard.)

Take away the soda, and the whiskey disappears;
Take away the earmuffs, and you won't have any ears.
Lose the Captain Morgan, and the Coke goes west as well;
Do away with skunk-butts, and you'll lose your sense of smell!
Take away selection, and evolution goes;
Take tissues off the market, it's curtains for your nose!
Crush the rocks to gravel, and there won't be any rolls;
Squish up all the weevils, and there won't be any bowls.

Oh, remember me, my darling, when nothing's in the air;
the snails took all the houses; the apple took the pear!
When there's no-one, nothing, nowhere, neither here nor there--
Creationist Logic!


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