Friday, March 04, 2005

The Terrible Mastigoatee

Pharyngula: Squid Sighting in the Deep Dark

Heigh-ho, and a tubful of nerds
Cast forth on the wide open sea
Alone with the wind and the birds
And the terrible Mastigoatee!

Old wives say it eats little swots
(The terrible Mastigoatee)
It ties them all up into knots
And carries them off for its tea.

Full fathom five, Alonso-wise
It dines with the eel and the scup;
It savours the lily-white thighs
Of the geeks it's drug down for its sup!

O, terrible eight-legged creature
O scourge of the briny blue sea
Eat my biology teacher
There's more flesh on him than on me!


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