Thursday, March 31, 2005

Who Could We Be?

Approximately twenty-four hours from now, us PhaWRONGulans shall be revealing our identities. However, before we do, we'd like to give Mr. Myers a fair crack at figuring it out for himself. Here are the clues:

1) One of us is on your blogroll;
one of us is not.
The second one is on the blogroll
of the first one caught.

2) One of us (commence the jeering!)
never finished school.
The second is in engineering:
he is no-one's fool!

3) One of us is dead already,
a ghost in cyberspace.
The other one keeps up a steady
limericking pace.

4) Your fourth clue is an anagram of our combined names: KISS MY OARS, EVIL CLERGY.

Please submit all guesses, wild speculations, and dead certainties to us by e-mail at, rather than leaving comments on our public posts. We would like everyone, especially Mr. Myers, to have a fair crack at figuring it out for themselves, should they so desire.

Should Mr. Myers prove successful, which we believe he ought to do, being a clever fellow, I, PhaWRONGula, shall try to scrounge up some fitting prize for him.

Should he fail, we shall both laugh at him.

You have approximately twenty-four hours. Have fun!