Monday, March 07, 2005

Will Mr. Myers Shake His Moneymaker?

Pharyngula: New Employment Opportunity

We're only one cutback removed from the day
When the bread-lines erupt with professors.
What will become of them? How will they pay
When their creditors turn to oppressors?

Will mortarboards supersede rags on the street,
When employment lines burgeon with scholars?
Will lessons be traded for something to eat?
Will wisdom be measured in dollars?

Will turf-wars break out between Knowledge and Crack
When the dole-office bristles with teachers?
Will they clog the buses, hunched up at the back,
As poverty chisels their features?

Or will they go down to the bad part of town
When they've come to the end of their brasses?
Will they wear leather, and will they get down?
Will our pedagogues brave shake their asses?


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