Friday, May 27, 2005

Give Me More, Mr. Myers!

Pharyngula: Orgasms Aren't Explained by Intelligent Design Creationism

'Tis April in the valley down below:
A thirsty delta raises parted lips;
An eager crocus penetrates the snow,
A dangling orchid wets a stamen-tip.
A questing mouse peeps o'er a grassy mound,
And, nose a-tremble, greets the vernal shower
Ere seeking shelter in the fertile ground,
Ensconced glove-tight within his mousy bower.
And heaven smiles from 'round a thunderhead,
And rowdy rivers shake their icy coats,
And, trembling in its fresh-unkempted bed,
A burning tulip gasps with scarlet throat;
Triumphant geysers decorate the sky:
They rise and fall, but never, ever die.


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