Friday, May 12, 2006

Breaking News: Christians Love Fresh Canadian Produce

Pharyngula: Scary, Evil Christians

"It's Dominion* we're after," the preacher did say:
"'Midst the beans and the leeks and the summer-squash gay,

"We'll sample the fruits of the fields and the seas;
The gifts of the earth, and the vines, and the trees;
The honey prepared by industrious bees;
The preserves you can and the meats that you freeze;
The fennel that's fresh as a cool autumn breeze;
The wine that's delicious, right down to the lees!
So, come to Dominion--get down on your knees,
And thank the Creator for carrots and peas!

"It's Dominion we're after--Dominion's the place
A Christian can count on for stuffing his face!"

* Dominion is (was?) a chain of grocery shops. I haven't seen one in a while, but they used to be all over Canada.

(And, in other news, yikes!)


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