Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Pharyngula: A Query from New Mexico

When Behe appears, best cover your ears,
and that goes for Dembski, too--
Lest sewage rain down and splatter your crown,
with nary a "Gardy-loo*!"

No need to eat mice to know they're not nice;
no need for a mud buffet--
When madmen come out to bellow and shout,
It's prudent to run away.

* Gardy-loo: Warning commonly shouted before emptying slops (the contents of a chamberpot, for instance) from a high window, derived from the French garde l'eau.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ratty,
Great, quick poem, great photos. That can't be your garden. Maybe in New York.
Fred J

7:39 PM  

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