Saturday, March 05, 2005

Live Again!

Pharyngula: Homo floresiensis, Flores Man

On Flores Isle the bones are found,
Neath shelt'ring rocks in dampen'd ground,
Midst sharpen'd blades and tools of rock;
Yet young these men, by nature's clock:
Some eighteen thousand years it seems
Since lives they had, and hopes and dreams.
Node and stem and clade and tree,
Let them be! Let them be!
Write their names upon The Loom,
Make them room! Make them room!

Still round the corner there may creep,
On reefs remote or snow-clad steep,
Some cryptid, spared the march of steel
And mankind's xenophobic zeal
To see himself the only child,
Unlike the beasts and nature wild.
Island, cave or hidden lea,
Let us see! Let us see!
Troglodytic tiny men,
Live again! Live again!


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