Sunday, March 20, 2005

Arise My Brothers!

Pharyngula: So then, Wichita would be like Minas Tirith?
irrationalRobot: We've been letting Mordor gather power for too long

My brother orcs, I tell you straight, them men are telling lies.
We're more than Melkor's mix 'n' match,
The products of some brew or batch.
We're pure creations, made to serve our Master, only wise.

My brother orcs, what can we do to teach men better ways?
They think we got no heart or soul,
As dumb as any mountain troll.
They curse our righteous Master and refuse to give Him praise.

My brother orcs, you seen them men; you heard how they blaspheme.
They claim our Master can't be good!
His plans for peace—misunderstood.
Just one true leader, ever more, all seeing and supreme.

My brother orcs, there's war to wage against them evil men.
They hate our freedom, hate our guts;
To win our peace we'll kick their butts;
One nation under Sauron's name. To Him be praise.


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