Wednesday, March 16, 2005

That's the story of...

Pharyngula: It was twenty-five years ago today…

I sing a song of nascent love,
A suit beyond compare,
A meeting of two matching souls,
A complementary pair.

Yet tension marred their bold romance,
For from the very start
They never could dance cheek to cheek
One man held them apart.

Against their wedlock this foul cad
Had set his stubborn face;
The lovers knew, with two fell strokes
Their lives he could erase.

But, hearts are wild and love knows strength
That nothing can oppose:
Defiantly, they met, they kissed,
Right under PZ's nose!

Alas, my song concludes in tears,
For on one fateful day
Grim PZ raised his razor's edge
And whisked them both away.


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