Thursday, March 24, 2005

Can I be Goth Too?

Pharyngula: Great galloping vampire bats!

Hush! hush! my dark enchantress, don't you weep.
My love for you, a love they call a sin,
Heeds not the fears of dull bipedal sheep
But knows your beauty deeper than mere skin.
Hush! hush! my graceful angel of the night
And soar for me in sweeps of wild romance,
For had I wings we'd whirl and twine in flight,
Yet earthbound, still I thrill for your swift dance.
Hush! hush! my somber mistress, moan no more
Of hateful epithets and tales untrue
About your tastes. 'Tis these that I adore:
The appetite we share binds me to you.
My dear Desmodus, shed no tears for now.
Come run with me; I see a sleeping cow.


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