Monday, March 21, 2005

Equus cabala

Pharyngula: Iconic horse evolution

"Fear not!" said Wells, for weighty facts
Had warped their troubled creed;
"Glad findings, full of joy, I bring
In fossils of the steed.

"For unto us is born this day,
Of Eohippus' line,
Cabalist's Equus caballus
(Creationist design).

"Illumined dreams relate that in
Phylogenetic knots
A covert constellation hides,
So come, let's join the dots!"

While many want for wit to judge
The wood from all the trees,
Who blinded John, that by a hedge
One branch is all he sees?

Our thanks PZ; you dare to delve
In dankest Wells to find
All nature's stories glibly snipped
To suit a one-track mind.


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