Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Old Pirate's Book of Practical Genes

Pharyngula: Cats, candy, and evolution

Taswunartoo's a tasty gene: receptor of the sweet--
Yes, he's the one who tells our brains that sugars are a treat.
For us he triggers pure delight in times of dark despair,
Yet when a cat is eating sweets--Taswunartoo's not there!

Taswunartoo, Taswunartoo, there's more genes like Taswunartoo.
He's flawed in all our felid crew (including tigers at the zoo),
And in our human chemistry are broken genes for vitamin C.
They all confirm the evo view, revealing common ancestry.
You'll find them in the literature, these genes are everywhere,
But when creationists spin their tales, Taswunartoo's not there!


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