Sunday, March 27, 2005

Only a flesh wound!

Pharyngula: Buh-bye, Darryl

Darryl feels the persecution
of the evil evolution;
Darryl knows he'll be rewarded
for the truth his words recorded;
Darryl daily bears his cross,
counting worldly wisdom loss;
Darryl feeds his strong conviction
that he just faced crucifixion;

What to do with artless dodgers?
Any clues, Darryl "Rodgers".


Blogger ILoveGod said...

What can I do to help these poor souls?

They seem to believe in goblins and trolls,

PZ must stand for Perverted Zoologist

I don’t know why he insists he’s a Biologist.

They cannot see because they do not open their eyes

The miracle of creation they cannot realize

The power of Christ is much stronger you see

Than any so-called scientist who calls himself PZ

I will continue to pray that God will wake these slumbering souls

Who believe in the existence of goblins and trolls.

The battle was over before it began,

God defeated Satan; that was the plan

10:56 AM  
Blogger ILoveGod said...

PZ lined up his great army against one, but still he was defeated and started to run. He fell on the ground for his entire army to see. They screamed in despair, Please GET UP PZ!

PZ's teeth were missing, the rest of his hair fell out. The Army of one gave a victorious shout. PZ thought he had lost to a man, but he was lost to begin with, he didn't know God's plan.

God loves PZ and all of his men, Jesus has already paid for their sin.

1:21 PM  

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