Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Jigsaw Puzzle: How does Intelligent Design Fit into Science?

Pharyngula: An interesting teaching example

Science has rules and a fine set of tools
To enable its own self-correction.

Every student should learn there is much to discern
When the process comes under inspection.

Putting puzzles together, you're testing out whether
Hypotheses merit selection.

Most times you expect that you'll be incorrect
So it shouldn't result in dejection.

It occasions delight when you find you are right;
Even then you'll fall short of perfection.

But to fail every test means it's time to invest
In some honest and frank introspection.

Should we talk of ID and its vain repartee
To obscure all life's interconnection?

Their creationist goal to find God in the holes
Gains us nothing, so meets with rejection.

We can learn from this hoard if we get them on board,
As opposed to complete circumspection.

Run your class with a grin; take an IDist in
And some jigsaws--you've guessed my direction?

In Biol. 101 it's a barrel of fun
Using jigsaws in class for dissection.


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