Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rhymes for the ID Nursery

Pharyngula: Dembski vs. Evo Devo, Wells and Dembski: two phonies, Opinion on the Wedge, Michael Behe: malignant metastasizing metaphors!

Phillip filed fallacious fancies
First to fund a fight,
A tall transparent Trojan trick,
Untruthful tale but tight;
With wedging willful wily words
He weaseled, waxed and wanked
And buoyed by blessed bloated berks
He billed his book and banked.

Little Doc Michael,
A clot on a cycle,
Chewed on a complex pie;
He stuck in his tongue,
The mousetrap was sprung,
And science can never know why.

Hey diddle diddle
The Sun sets a riddle:
A Wells transfixed by the Moon
Who fiddled his fancies
To feed the faith
Of each uni-fixation buffoon.

Old Mother William
Wrote many a "trillion"
To fetch her dogma a meal;
Worked on a hunch
And stole a free lunch--
A books-for-the-credulous deal.


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