Friday, August 12, 2005

To Curse a Creationist

Pharyngula: The most evil curse ever

May your Luddite defiance and techno-anxiety,
Your morals from myth and pretensions of piety,
Irrelevance to an enlightened society
Let everyone know you're a freak.

May your lifetime's disdain for your own education
One day be the source of your mortification--
A breathtaking, gut-wrenching realization
Of your ignorant arrogant pique.

May your paranoid claims and continued insistence
That science suppresses your piece de resistance
Become such a part of your blighted existence
You feel that it's pointless to speak.


Blogger SJ said...

Manual trackback:

Stephen It's Almost Like Poetry

Me likey

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Jamie O'Leary said...

Well put!

5:40 AM  

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