Monday, October 24, 2005

The Gas Beneath My Gills

Pharyngula: Flap those gills and fly!

"Let's examine exaptation,"
Said the lobster to the fly,
"'Cause we share a common background
And I've always wondered why
I should slouch around the seabed
While you soar the summer sky
On those wings. Where did they come from:
Claw or mandible or thigh?"

"From the gills, my crusty cousin,"
Said the educated fly
(Who was on the wall a-watching
When that Minnesota guy
Wrote a note on evolution
That should make the DI shy,
Since it bids their Irreducible

Said the lobster, "Let's consider...
Exaptation might apply
To creationists in tuxes
With their reason all awry.
We can understand poor Behe,
That design-fixated guy,
He's co-opted science language
To allow his faith to fly."


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