Monday, August 28, 2006

The Pied Poper

Pharyngula: Vatican watch

The rat singer sang
"Just say no to big bang"
And he wished all their condoms away.
God provided him aids
To promote his crusades
On the willful, the poor and the gay.

But the offerings decreased
(Blame the profligate priests)
And he found himself lacking for coyne,
So, to halt the decline
Of his business divine,
Found a cultural war he could join.

"By reviving debates
For the United States
To stop science relying on fact
I've a chance to rewind
My infallible mind:
Here's some history my church can redact."

See the Poper had tried
To see birth control pied
But the masses won't play by his rules.
Now he's bucking the slide
To enlightenment's side
By defiance of science in schools.


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