Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Speculative Fiction

Pharyngula: PBS and the 'debate'

A science teacher, Claire, was met
By parents most annoyed.
They told her, "No more Darwin, or
We'll see you unemployed!"

Brave Claire replied, "Why can't I teach
The truth the textbooks tell?"
"You'll learn creation to our kids
Or else you'll burn in hell!"

"I'm very sorry, that's a task
Best handled by Miss Guide.
She runs religious studies now,"
Claire carefully replied.

"And now, I must depart because
I've lessons to prepare.
Your children need the best that I
Can give to them," said Claire.

That night Claire's home was tagged with paint—
Damned rascals and their tricks!
They'd signed their names: "Luke17"
And "Matthew18-6!!!"

You'd think it must have frightened Claire;
She left without a trace.
(Of course, in this the parents saw
A token of God's grace.)

Police had noted other pranks
That night, but nothing queer—
Some kid called "Mark9-42"
Had tagged the old wood pier.

A burglary had taken place
A minor one, but still
It's strange to steal the millstone from
The town's historic mill.


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