Monday, October 09, 2006

Sacred Scam?

Pharyngula: There is no separation of church and state

"It's time to end the sacred scam."
That's what the Godless liberal says
But he can't know how hard it is
To humbly serve the Great I Am.

How hard in this God-given land,
By evil constantly beset,
To find those untaxed millions that
We need to meet the Lord's command.

How could that anti-Christian curse
Know what it's like to plant the seeds
Of Gospel Truth in daycare kids
On payments from the public purse.

And why should we be made to raise
The funds to make our crèches safe,
As if our prayers were not enough,
As if to doubt the Savior's ways?

So what's so bad if we've ignored
Financial statements? Don't suggest
We have employees we can't trust:
They've told us that they love the Lord!

And why this cry for civil rights?
While godly men are at the helm
To lead with love, discreet and firm,
You'll see no ugly workplace fights.

So quell your atheistic slurs;
Our nation needs God free to act
Beyond the rules that you respect,
Through us,
Ecclesiastical Entrepreneurs.


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