Sunday, October 01, 2006

What separation?

Pharyngula: The Special Favors for Fundamentalists Act of 2005

In a land headed backward in time
Where dissent is construed as a crime,
Any person who cites
Constitutional rights
Is ungodly and not worth a dime.

Here's a thought: just reverse the directions;
There'd be outrage and violent objections;
Free speech would be stricken
If the words of a Wiccan
Were quoted on government erections.

The religion of those in authority
Is presumed to be granted priority:
Each monitored minion
May voice the opinion
Of the self-proclaimed "moral" majority.

But the folk who hold other beliefs
(Out of sync with th' commander in chief's)
Faced with fundie crusade
Are denied legal aid
And are told where to lodge all their briefs.

So for justice, remember to clench
More than teeth when approaching the bench.
If you're not Christian sheep
Basic rights don't come cheap
From the mob that thinks "freedom" means "French".


Blogger SJ said...

Bravo. Well done - this is a good one!

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