Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Lifelong Faith

Pharyngula: A brief history of disbelief

I've never even seen him, but I know
I trusted him back then (in my own way).
I'd lay me down to sleep, but first I'd pray
That blessings in the night he might bestow.
'Twas always after pain that he would show
His riches at the dawning of the day.
The parts of me he made me give away
Were parts I had to shed to let me grow.
Throughout my teenage years he left me be,
In order that my faith could be made strong.
His many interventions in my youth
Sustained my trust, although it's been so long.
He will return! My heart and head agree,
And still beneath my pillow stays one tooth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! It's easy to be snarky but I really mean it. I don't usually get poetry that that is beautiful!


6:49 PM  

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