Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Induction Seduction

Pharyngula: Watch out, mathematicians, you're next!

Let's set the record straight about
How mathematics is in doubt.
Yes, math too has its dirty lies
But hides them from discerning eyes.
You want to see this great seduction?
Take a look at math's "induction."

Godless mathematicians say
ALL natural numbers known today
Can make themselves!--just start with one
Then add on one until you're done.
But what they say is plainly flawed;
They perpetrate a mighty fraud!

All things wise and wonderful,
All digits, even, odd,
All sums nice and numberful,
They all were made by God.

Math'matics is religion too
With arcane symbols through and through.
Has any math-magician ever
Made all numbers? No, they're clever:
Show the start, BELIEVE the rest.
They'll NEVER put it to the test.
They've tried and tried but they get weary:
See! Induction's JUST A THEORY!


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