Saturday, April 02, 2005

Old PhaWRONGulans Never Die

Pharyngula: PhaWRONGula comes to a close

I've been added to the Pharyngula blogroll, and we all know what that means:

I don't really know what to think—
A notch in the blogroll, a link!
A PZ extension,
The sort of attention
That comes with a nudge and a wink.

Steve Bates asks
It is grand to see Pharyngula PhaWRONGula befriending!
As I cheered at the beginning, now I'm sad the story's ending.
For a month a willing passenger who never knew the driver...
May I vote for the conclusion leaving PZ a survivor?
PhaWRONGula felt no compunction
To deal with the plot-line disjunction.
Choose reason or fervor,
Then you, as observer,
Collapse the Les Myers. wave function.


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