Thursday, March 31, 2005

Snake Oil Seminary

Pharyngula: Charlatanry at the U of M

The world is foisting snake oil--making education pay.
The U of M finds healing when big wads of cash are moved
across the palms and budgets in a touching, caring way.

P. Myers is disgusted at the quackery approved.
Pretorius suggests that for the uni's top admins
all self-respect and dignity are surgically removed.

While QrazyQat gets tetchy and flings in some punny spins
and mark in Pennsylvania fears that funding quacks may spread,
but Cameron says there is no shame; it's always who dares wins.

For making hay, McKay would say there's paydirt in this thread:
Try pandering to rubes with pets and selling a mirage.
(Just watch when John has cockroach clinics run from his back shed.)

A asks us how this touch-crap differs from a cheap massage
but seems to be distracted by some memories of fun.
J Ehrich adds some courses to his cultural collage.

How practical is TonyB when all is said and done,
to look for strength of character when money is involved?
But Reed gives hope from FSU where common sense once won.

Chris Clarke points out that quasi-vets hold lore that's un-evolved
But grants respect to volunteers who keep his bunny cowed.
while Grumpy thinks of Star Trek where senescence has been solved.

Jay wonders how much work's been done and how much research plowed
into traditional practices and new-age pseudo-tech
that's sold to desperate people wrapped in ancient wisdom's shroud.

Hey! I could sell the world a cure. Let's try it, what the heck!
"For everything you need to know: Pharyngula! (and Trek)"


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