Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Still No Beef?

Pharyngula: Paul Nelson is visiting UMM

In March 2004, PZ Myers tore Paul Nelson's Ontogenetic Depth to shreds.
In May 2004, Richard B. Hoppe asked Paul Nelson to provide support for his Intelligent Design claims about Ontogenetic Depth.
Did we all miss Nelson's defence?

Here's my summary from May 2004:

Paul Nelson's "depth" tales sounded tall.
Richard Hoppe thought, "it’s past time to call
Nelson's ontogenetic-
clad apologetic."
Quoth Richard, "So where's the beef, Paul?"

I doubt that he'll find satisfaction,
nor even a lucid reaction.
Behind the smoke screen
there's an ID machine
building weapons of media distraction.

A meal of Intelligent Design
when served with the fruit of divine
is lacking in beef,
which supports my belief
that it's tripe marinating in whine.


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