Saturday, June 18, 2005

Old Man of the Flores

Pharyngula: Wither Homo floresiensis?
The Loom: Return to Hobbit Limbo

The grand old alpha-man exerts
His dominance. His growl asserts
That skulls don't shrink; they always grow;
There's pygmies all around, you know.
If you don't serve him as you ought
He'll break your bones without a thought.
Screw the old pretentious prig.
Let us dig! Let us Dig!
Skull and rib and thigh and knee,
Set them free! Set them free!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Learning to Fly

Pharyngula: Well, maybe another catch is if getting up close and personal with flies makes you squeamish…

You want Dipteran smut? Here's the website, uncut:
Anatomical Atlas of Flies.
You'll need, for inspection, a broadband connection
Because of its gigabyte size.1
So shrug off your shyness and feast on the flyness
Expressed in high-res for your eye.
Come hug the homology, munch the morphology;
Have to agree, "Pretty fly!"

1 Slight exaggeration.