Friday, November 24, 2006

Due Respect

Pharyngula: If we're choosing teams now, I want to be with the shamelessly godless

In our battle against butchers
(who survive on lies and lectures to the vulnerable--
vultures who misquote to float conjectures)
we should criticize the creatures
who with nonsense-tolerant natures
blame the blokes who pull no punches.

In the fight for fairer futures
don't let tepid types be teachers.
Never privilege the preachers
who hold fantasies as fixtures,
who make syncretistic mixtures
of reality and raptures
(splicing science with their scriptures),
who erect synthetic structures
to protect their credulous cultures,
then impose obstructive strictures
on the voice of one who ventures
to oppose their pious postures.

If some counterfactual features
in their faith-defensive speeches,
simply boot them in the breeches.