Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rhymes for the ID Nursery

Pharyngula: Dembski vs. Evo Devo, Wells and Dembski: two phonies, Opinion on the Wedge, Michael Behe: malignant metastasizing metaphors!

Phillip filed fallacious fancies
First to fund a fight,
A tall transparent Trojan trick,
Untruthful tale but tight;
With wedging willful wily words
He weaseled, waxed and wanked
And buoyed by blessed bloated berks
He billed his book and banked.

Little Doc Michael,
A clot on a cycle,
Chewed on a complex pie;
He stuck in his tongue,
The mousetrap was sprung,
And science can never know why.

Hey diddle diddle
The Sun sets a riddle:
A Wells transfixed by the Moon
Who fiddled his fancies
To feed the faith
Of each uni-fixation buffoon.

Old Mother William
Wrote many a "trillion"
To fetch her dogma a meal;
Worked on a hunch
And stole a free lunch--
A books-for-the-credulous deal.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Old Pirate's Book of Practical Genes

Pharyngula: Cats, candy, and evolution

Taswunartoo's a tasty gene: receptor of the sweet--
Yes, he's the one who tells our brains that sugars are a treat.
For us he triggers pure delight in times of dark despair,
Yet when a cat is eating sweets--Taswunartoo's not there!

Taswunartoo, Taswunartoo, there's more genes like Taswunartoo.
He's flawed in all our felid crew (including tigers at the zoo),
And in our human chemistry are broken genes for vitamin C.
They all confirm the evo view, revealing common ancestry.
You'll find them in the literature, these genes are everywhere,
But when creationists spin their tales, Taswunartoo's not there!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Voluptuously Veiled

Pharyngula: Cirrate octopus

They're luminous, leggy and lissome,
In diaphanous drag. Don't dismiss 'em.
You see, I'm a sucker
For 'podes when they pucker,
But I can't find the courage to kiss 'em.

Monday, July 25, 2005

It Writhes!

Pharyngula: Worms and death

Though from nearly identical germ
Still they vary in natural term;
Mortal pangs so elastic,
Revealed as stochastic,
Are driving the Conqueror Worm.