Wednesday, May 17, 2006

God's Other Chosen People

Pharyngula: America, Return to God! and Don't blame me

America, Return to God!
Burn the witches, stone the gays,
Unsparingly apply the rod
Of discipline to wayward ways.

Ban the breast, the buttocks too,
And other shameful parts from view
For fear some poor defenseless child
Behold foul flesh and be defiled.

Sing prayers in school and make it plain
That Jesus is the one to trust
For strength when sinful drives of lust
Turn teens to moms. Abstain! Abstain!

Cast out the tinkerers of the gene
Who truck with what they oughtn't wot.
Allow the Lord to intervene,
To cure disease at whim (or not).

Why strive for peace in foreign lands
When Revelation's book demands
That Armageddon get the nod?
America, Return to God!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PhaWRONGula's Question for Science Bloggers

Pharyngula: Great Science Questions

The floor has been opened, and so
It's time we got on with the show:
Which is more sorry--
Behe, or Horrie?
The peanut crowd's dying to know.

(NB: I was going to do something incredibly clever involving a game of telephone--something that would start, perhaps, with the difference between Pfiesteria and amoeba, and end with Behe's knees--but wit failed and limericks prevailed. Or something to that effect. Sorry!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Vector Day

Pharyngula: Immigration solved, the Christian Libertarian way

There's a VD disguised as Vox Day;
Libertarian? Christian? No way!
He's had empathy loss
Since he fired up his cross
With the Knights of the New KKK.